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James Kennedy

James Kennedy

VCE Chemistry teacher in Melbourne, Australia

This essay had been published by AI intelligence that is(artificial

The essay below ended up being authored by GPT-2, A ai composing bot. We typed the sentence that is first blue… while the device published the complete other countries in the essay.

Chemophobia is described as the irrational concern with compounds regarded as artificial. Some individuals feel just like they have been being sprayed by having a chemical that is unknown and their eyes, nose, and epidermis are inflamed, burning, and itchy. This anxiety about unknown chemical compounds has led to a few incidents where folks have reported being subjected to chemical compounds they thought had been safe.

Driving a car of artificial chemicals just isn’t brand new, nonetheless it has increased in appeal. The concern about artificial chemical substances was exacerbated by a growth in sales of synthetic scents, cosmetic makeup products, and individual maintenance systems.